Welcome To My Webpage


Hello. My name is Aidan. I spend my time on the internet and on my computer making videos, animations, and writing. Im also a photographer, and take an interest in Art and Film. This Webpage is dedicated to publishing my work


Writing Page Updated. New Poetry  (April, 3rd 2011)

Started to experiment in poetry. You can read some of it in the writing tab or click on this link: http://cyber-hysteria.webs.com/writings.htm


here's an Extract


He lay there in a dormant wake,

pondering his lustful fate,

and as boredom approached

he began to choke

his nearby short and pampered tool

and as the reed-blood filled

till it stood, all so straight

he began to sedate his lustful hate

NEW VIDEO! Gone for a walk! (April, 3rd 2011)


NEW VIDEO! Athletics day 2011  (April, 3rd 2011)

I made a montage of all the clips I recorded at my school's athletics day. Lots of people enjoyed it!


NEW VIDEO! Sombre! (April, 3rd 2011)

Was home alone and depressed so I though I would get my new camera and video the dark moaning walls of my house. Music is done by Aphex twin.

Writing Page Updated (September, 25th, 2010)

Some of my Writing has been added. Its worth checking out, HERE

Music Page Updated (June, 13th, 2010)

Some of the music used in my videos will appear in this section. Check it out HERE



  Locust Toybox 

Animation Page Undated (June, 13th, 2010)

Finally this website is underway. Watch my Animation HERE

Stop-Motion Page Updated (June, 13th, 2010)

Updated the stop-motion page. As you might know, aside from recently taking an interest in Flash Animation, my interest in creative film and photography brought me to stop motion. I have made many, and Ive began uploading them. There follows:


  •  Motion (21st, May, 2009)
  • The Life of a Mandarin
  • Stop Motion Rubix Cube
  • My House 
Heres the link to watch these: Stop Motion Videos 


Upcoming Animation - The Doctor (June, 12th, 2010)

Finally, after months of relaxing I have make a start to a new animation. Now that I have got my first animation out of the way, I can start on a new one. I have make a simple short story to it, with dialogue and a beginning, middle and end. Below is an Image, to promote this.



Animation - Travelling Mind (December, 15th, 2009)

After recently learning how to use flash, I decided to put what I learned into a Flash animation, which is currently standing on Newgrounds. 

 Here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/520238 

 Travelling Mind is actually experimental. I make it experimental to purposely avoid animation an actual story, with a beginning, middle and end. Im just stuck with what to do next